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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Holidays

Well what a busy few weeks I have had its the Summer Holidays here in Devon and the weather has not been too bad! Jake and I have been spending alot of time together.

We are both off to The South of France on Saturday as my parents live there Jake goes there on his holidays every  Summer but I have decided to stay for 10 Days which will be nice and relaxing.

So expect some pictures of France very soon.

I went out in my garden this week and gave it a bit of a tidy up and I discovered my first Chilli growing was so excited.
Also I have been Cross Stitching my Cousin and his partner had a baby Boy a couple weeks ago so decided to cross stitch a present for him here it is I am going to put it in a frame for him so they can keep it in his Nursery!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jakes Sunflower Results

Hi there everybody, unfortunately Jake did not win his Sunflower Competition he came 5th which was really good, but the Competition was a little unfair as not every child bought there Sunflowers in to be judged just there table! But not to worry my little man was given a little pressie from me.

I have not been in the garden much this weekend but did go out and have a look to see how things are growing as the weather has not been brilliant. But now the kids are on Summer Holidays hopefully be able to get out there but  here are some snaps from the garden and some of Mitsey playing with the bugs lol!

The first one is a Palm tree I rescued from a plant shop which cost me £1 it was pretty much dead until I gave it alot of attention and love

Right well hope you enjoyed the pictures I am off now to do some more cross stitching!!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sunflower Update

Sorry I have not been on here for a few days have had a lot on, well Jakes Sunflower is growing brilliantly nearly time for him to take it into School so cross fingers he will win.
Also I have been cross stitching, I am currently doing a Owl and making a Draw String bag for my scissors which I still need to purchase lol! I was set the challenge by my partners Nan who runs a Cross Stitch club where we live.
I will upload a picture as soon as my stitching is finished and then of it complete as a bag! Currently looking for a Magnolia Pattern if anyone can help?

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Our Cat Mitsey

I have a lovely cat Mitsey she is 2 years old she used to be a house cat until we moved and now she explores she loves it!

Sunflower UPDATE


Week 6

Also we have decided to grow a friend for Jakes Sunflower so here they are both enjoying the sunshine!

Great Weekend In Devon

Thhis Weekend has been great my parents have been over from France to visit, so last night had a BBQ and today had a Carvery and then chilled out in the Garden!

My mum took this picture in France! My son hopes now his Sunflower grows like these have!!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hi there Welcome to my Blog I hope you will find it interesting, My first post is going to be all about my sons Sunflower which he has to grow for school for a competition each wek we are measuring it to see how much it has grown. The winner is who's is the tallest so it started off as a seed then

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4